A breakthrough interface for generative AI

A breakthrough interface for generative AI

Technological breakthroughs have a history of enabling new forms of creative expression.

Photography. Cinema. Electronic music.

Each of these mediums were born out of scientific discoveries — but their potential wasn’t unlocked until a great creative tool was also invented.

The Kodak Camera. The Vitascope projector. The Moog Synthesizer.

Today we find ourselves at a similar moment at the dawn of generative AI — an innovation with unprecedented creative opportunity.

We just need the right tools to unlock its potential.

Introducing Visual Electric

Visual Electric is the first image generator designed for creatives — a canvas that facilitates the flow of ideas, so you can truly spread out and see where the tool takes you. It's designed to help give form to the vision in your mind's eye… or lead you to something even better.

We believe that in order to be truly useful, AI needs to augment our existing creative process with all its winding paths, switchbacks and u-turns. This requires tools that embrace ambiguity over certainty. Often our best new ideas appear in the margins.

Many existing AI tools present results as answers to a user’s question, leaving little room to build, or tweak, or meander.

But the best tools become an extension of yourself. Like a musical instrument, they are something you play. You arrive at exciting, unexpected places through experimentation and improvisation.

We hope that Visual Electric changes you for the better.

So… riff. Explore. Take risks. Reach dead ends. Try things. Fail. Discover. Don’t think your way there — feel your way there. Because the prompt you start with is rarely where you end up.

Visual Electric is for self-exploration as much as self-expression.

Who will you become once you’ve taken your next creative leap?

We can’t wait to see.

— Colin, Adam, Zach & the Visual Electric team